REIZGAS CS pepper spray CS 3000 40ml

REIZGAS CS pepper spray CS 3000 40ml

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An efective defensive tool available for possession without a license.

If is not harmful to animals and will not be permanently injured when used!

Range: 5m

Volume: 40ml

Bottle height: 9cm

Bottle diameter: 3cm

Content: 2-Chloroacetophenone

Type of spraying:jet with  droplets

Non-flammable pepper spray.

Protective cover to prevent accidental activation.

Shelf life: up to 3 years from the factory



Always face the direction of the mind. Do not use the spray in a small, closed and at a distance of less than 1m, because then you are also endangering yourself. When you are in danger, point the jet towards the predator/animal and spray in 1 second intervals in the area of the face.


  • If it comes into contact with the eyes, rinse carefully with water for several minutes.
  • If it comes into contact with the skin, wash with soap and water, do not use creams and oils
  • If you accidentally inhale, go to fresh air and rest and if the effects last longer than 1 hour, consult a doctor 
  • If smallowed, seek medical help immediately

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