Since 2009, up to now the focus has shifted to the development of its own retail concept called Hornet, which is unique on the market at a specific philosophy and product range!

For many years we have been present on this market and earn the leading position in the industry, with contributions from our customers. We were able to provide you with a number of products which can well and creatively define your wishes!

Hornet team is focused on the end user and meets its requirements and needs, as their expert assistance and advice, and the ability to offer customers a wide range of equipment tailored to specific purposes in order to overcome any task that is placed before them!

This brand features a wide range of products including everything that customer needs in the field and at work. It brings together a team of people who are ambitious and capable, in their work, knowledge and experience to contribute to the expansion and strengthening of the company.

Our goal is to justify your trust in every segment of our business. Our offer is our biggest asset!

Hornet Team

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